New pages section

I created a new web pages section with links to my other web pages and I moved the wallpapers to the download section.

I also updated my commentaries on passing data to callbacks in JavaScript.

Pokémon page

Made a web page to help play Pokémon Go. You can access the page here.

Made some minor improvements to the website.


I redesigned my website to allow it to work without JavaScript and I updated the visual. It is quite rare to find responsive modern websites that work without JavaScript, and I am glad that I was able to achieve this level of design.

The JavaScript behind it changed considerably. Now to be a SPA, there is a script that crawls the website caching it in the client and redirecting links to the cache. This decouples the code from this particular page and allows new technologies to be on top of the classic HTML page instead of replacing it like before. Not only the website can be used with JavaScript disabled, but tools that expect plain HTML like search engines can process this page better helping with SEO.

New website

I have built my new website from the ground up. This site is much more sophisticated than the previous one which had some PHP to put HTML fragments together and no JavaScript at all. This time, using plain JavaScript, I have made a SPA that loads content dynamically. More technical information about this website can be found here.